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How to Wean a Child from Online Game Addiction

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How to Wean a Child from Online Game Addiction

Video games are a favorite way to spend their free time, to increasingly become part of the time that should be reserved for learning or work. When a child starts with one game losing track of time, seasons and often the physiological needs. On some games spend extra hours, due to the fact that they are playing with friends in the same room or online. They are particularly suitable for the game addiction, which have no end, but can be repeatedly made.

game_addiction1Every child have a computer game interesting, especially in the modern age. And it’s all right for the child to sometimes spend time at the computer playing online games, but it can easily be turned into an addiction. Here are a few tips that will help you to wean your child from online game addiction.

Identify Addiction

Turn your child the attention of the bad effects of addicting games. It has to cooperate, hear you and I understand what addiction is, in order to successfully and mastered. Instead of computers, employ your toddler to do something productive.

Prepare Plan

Without proper planning and determination, it is very hard to beat addiction to games. Prepare a plan with a reasonable amount of time, which will assign the child to play video games.

Stick to the Plan

Try to stick to the plan. Initially, the plan would maybe have some flaws, but it is important that you try to operate correctly. Do not let your child feels compelled to leave the game. Help him to understand that there are a lot more outdoor games, which are more fun.

Play Together

In most cases, the children play games when they are not able to play with someone else. Get involved in the world of toys and, if no one else, make you the person with whom your child will play. We will quote something:

Get your kid to start painting, or making a craft. If he’s addicted to the Spider-man online game, then ask him to paint you a Spider-man scene on canvas.

Turn off the TV, computer and cell phone, play the good old games. You can read, listen to music and dance, listen to stories on CD and play together and, of course, a common look interesting cartoon or movie, retell it. Weekends, however, may be time for a picnic in the countryside, going by train to nearby places, sleeping in a mountain chalet, walk the hills, castles, farms.


This one is a long-shot, but some books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have gotten a lot of teenagers off the TV and video console, and back into books. Buy your kids a Kindle, and explain that reading is like an imaginary video game. Well, at least it’s on a tablet.

Prevent the Return of Online Game Addiction

When your child wants their free time to spend playing video games, it is hard to “out” of them. However, if your plans are implemented properly, addiction is not coming back. The process will, in fact, go relatively easy, if a little boy wants to cooperate.
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